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Nutrition for your baby

A complete nutritional programme, matched to your baby's changing needs.

Stage 4: 12 months

The world's getting even more exciting! Your baby is now in Stage 4 and ready to move on from small chunks of food. Purées, cereals, meat, fish, pasta or noodles, rice, potatoes – both you and your baby have really made great progress in the last year!

Infant Cereals – the ideal foundation of a weaning diet
Only Nestlé® CERELAC® Infant Cereals contain BL Bifidus®, a probiotic which helps your baby fight against harmful bacteria in his digestive system. Together with a special combination of immunonutrients such as Iron, Zinc, Vitamins A and C, it helps support your baby's growth and development. Find out more here.

Tasty recipes

Fruity Baby Pancakes

Tasty Products

CERELAC® Toddler Cereal Multigrain & Mixed Fruits

CERELAC® Toddler Cereal Multigrain & Mixed Fruits is suitable for 12 months and above toddlers. It is a nutritious and multi-textured cereal made with natural Whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Nutritious menus

Your baby wants to try beans and vegetables? Start with cucumber or tomato, but be sure to remove the seeds.

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