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NAN® Gro 3 with Easy Scoop

NAN® Gro 3 is the new name for NAN® Pro 3, a premium junior follow-up formula scientifically designed for your 10 month and older toddler’s needs.
NAN® Gro 3 has unique Protect Grow nutrients such as OptiPro, gentle proteins for tissue building and growth, DHA, an important building block for brain and eye development, plus Iron and Zinc to help support your child’s natural defences.
BL Bifidus probiotics in NAN® Gro 3 are extensively researched and are shown to help fight harmful bacteria and keep the digestive system healthy – so your child can be free to explore and learn.
Milk Formula NAN® Gro 3

Your choice:Milk Formula NAN® Gro 3

NAN® Gro 3 with Protect Grow™, an integrated system of nutritional and protective ingredients.
It aims to promote a healthy foundation for a child's development.

Milk Formula NAN® Gro 3 Products


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