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GERBER® Graduates Puffs

GERBER® Graduates Puffs are light airy snacks made from whole grains and real fruits. It melts in your baby's mouth for easy digestion and are formulated with NUTRIPROTECT™ Blend. NUTRIPROTECT™ Blend contains Iron, Zinc and Vitamin E which offers your child important nutrients that supports his growth and development. Its fun shape and right size make Puffs a great choice for that perfect first fingerfood.

Comes in delightful flavours: Strawberry Apple, Banana, Sweet Potato and now NEW Peach!
GERBER® Graduates Puffs

Your choice:GERBER® Graduates Puffs

When your baby is above 10 months old, finger food plays a key role in the development of “chewing and self-feeding”. GERBER® Graduates Puffs are specially designed with just the right size, shape and texture for babies who are learning to self-feed and it provides fun-learning moments for your little ones!

Babies have small tummies and they need to eat about 4 – 6 times a day. With GERBER® Graduates Puffs, you are assured that you make every bite count.

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