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NAN® HA 3 with Protect Grow™ Excel has been specially formulated with:
OPTI PROHA – optimized hypoallergenic protein blend that reduces the allergenic potential of cow's milk
BL® BIFIDUS – probiotics that help fight against harmful bacteria in the digestive system, thereby helping to maintain a healthy digestive system
Lipid Smart™– unique fat blend with DHA and ARA that contribute to the development of the brain and eye of your baby
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Milk Formula NAN® HA 3

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NAN® HA 3 with Protect Grow™ is a premium junior hypoallergenic formula specially designed for older infants, 10 months old and above, as the liquid part of their diet after weaning. As your toddler explores and learns, it provides him all the nutrients essential to further his physical and mental development. NAN® HA 3 continues the benefits of NAN® HA 2 into the toddler years.

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